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Living Alone or at Home

(Japanese Translation below)

By Ritsu Inaba

Which do you prefer, living alone or at home? I lived at home for 18 years, but I live alone now. There are some advantages and disadvantages of living alone as well as at home.

To begin with, there are two advantages of living alone. First, you can stand on your own feet by living alone. You have to do all the housework by yourself, such as cleaning, washing and preparing meals. Since you don't have your mom doing the housework for you, you have to manage yourself on your own. 

In addition, handling not only household chores but also managing finances, you need to develop decision-making skills and independence. If you receive money from your family to live alone, you must live within the restricted budget. In case of wasting money, it is difficult to maintain a good lifestyle. 

If you have to earn money through part-time work or other means to support yourself or to live by yourself, you need to do a part-time job. By having a part-time job, you can gain a variety of experiences. As you live alone every day, you will naturally learn how to do housework and improve your living ability and grow. 

Of course, you will have a hard time and feel like asking for help. The more trouble you have, the more you will be able to become independent. When you live alone you will come to realize that things that were taken for granted back home are no longer the same, allowing you to appreciate the kindness of your parents.

Second, if you live alone, you have the freedom to make decisions about your living space, daily routines, and lifestyle without the need for compromise. When you think of things you want to do, you can do them freely. For example, you can eat and bathe whenever you like, and you won't be scolded if you come home late. On weekends, you don't have to wake up early, so you can leisurely enjoy your time. You have the freedom to spend open and relaxed hours. It is very comfortable for you. 

Moreover, living alone allows you to arrange your favorite furniture and appliances, creating an entire room tailored to your preferences without worrying about anyone else. Living alone makes it easier to invite your friends into a room that suits your personal taste. In your parents’ house, you need family approval to invite your friends over, but when living alone you don't have to consider your family's preferences. Not only that, but you can also stay out overnight at any time you want to. You can also take a trip freely without permission from your parents. 

Also, you can choose where you want to live. Living alone provides the opportunity to reside in a location convenient for school and close to a city you like. With the freedom to select your home, everyday life could be enjoyable.

However, living alone also has some disadvantages. First, living alone is very costly. In order to live alone you will need sufficient funds to buy furniture and appliances. It is necessary to have enough money for the moving expenses as well. Be prepared for the costs associated with relocation. Not only that, but you will need to cover living expenses like rent, utilities, and groceries on your own. Managing your finances is very crucial because living alone costs are higher than living with your family, so you won't have much spending money left after that.

Second, you cannot ask for help from your family. Even if you're not good at household chores, you have to do everything on your own. Continuing to do things you're not good at might lead to feeling stressed. Due to being consumed by household chores, you might have less free time. In case of injury or illness, there's no one to take care of you. 

If you need to go to the hospital, you must go there by yourself. Although living alone has the appeal of enjoying a free lifestyle, it has the possibility of disturbing your daily routine. Breaking your habits may lead to health issues, increasing the risk of catching illness. Therefore, it's important to make an effort to keep a regular lifestyle.

Finally, you may feel isolation and loneliness. In the case of living with family, there is always someone to speak to and rely on, but living alone means spending most of the time by yourself. Spending a long time alone is quite lonely, and the longing for family interactions may grow. If you try living alone for the first time, you might feel strong anxiety or fear. These feelings will encourage more and more isolation and loneliness.

As you can see, living alone as well as at home has both advantages and disadvantages. Living alone is an essential experience that everyone should go through. You may encounter many troubles, but living alone certainly offers significant opportunities for your personal growth. It is very important to take on challenges in order to mature. Of course, spending time with family is also crucial. Which do you prefer, living alone or with your family?


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