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By Shogo Tsuchimoto

(Japanese translation coming soon.)

This year is the 11th annual "DREAM" dance stage. This year, unlike most years, there was no performance at the venue and everything was done online. This is the 11th time for this event, but it was given the name "X" because it was held online.

This year's "DREAM" was held using Instagram. The operations created an account dedicated to this event, and asked participants to add this account and distributed the choreography video. After having the participants watch the video, they set up a practice period of about 3 weeks and asked them to take a choreography video of their own dance. Instead of the usual stage, the video editing team joined and edited the videos based on the participants' videos.

This year, due to the influence of the coronavirus, the number of participants was overwhelmingly smaller than usual, but there were 12 choreography videos and videos of all the instructors dancing together. They are all very nice videos and even amateurs who were not dancing were interested in watching them.

If you are interested in these videos, try searching for “dream_vol_x” on Instagram.You should be able to watch the videos.

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