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Getting Around Hong Kong

(Japanese translation below)

By Karen Matsuda

Hong Kong is famous and many people visit there. It’s about a 5-hour direct flight from Japan. Hong Kong has a population of about 7.93 million. The official language is Mandarin Chinese and English but the common spoken language is Cantonese.

Things to do and see in Hong Kong: One recommended sightseeing spot is Victoria Peak. It is well-known for it night view. The beautiful night view of the high-rise buildings around the bay which Victoria Peak overlooks is said to be a million dollar view, and tourists come from all over the world to see it.

Another famous spot is Hong Kong Disneyland Park. It is nearby Hong Kong International Airport. It’s the smallest Disneyland in the world. Disneyland Park has Sleeping Beauty Castle and it’s divided into seven theme areas. The price of a regular one day ticket is HS$639 and a regular 2-day ticket is HS$754.

The Crystal Lotus Restaurant in the Hong Kong Disney Land Hotel is a very famous restaurant. You can eat dim sum shaped like Disney Characters. However, if you want to eat there you will need to book in advance.

Another famous spot is Ladies Market. Ladies Market is spread out over a 1-kilometer stretch along Tung Choi Street with over 100 stalls of bargain clothing, accessories and souvenirs. It gets its name from the clothing and accessories on sale for women of all ages. However, besides clothing, you can also find watches, cosmetics, bags, home furnishings, CDs and trinkets in its crowded aisles. Hong Kong is a very nice to visit. Please try to go there.


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