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Hoshino Resorts Tomamu

By Yuto Maruya

(Japanese translation coming soon.)

Tomamu is located in the center of Hokkaido. Hoshino Resorts Tomamu is a 4-star hotel. The hotel exterior is very colorful. Prices are different during the summer and winter months. It’s the kind of hotel where everyone wants to stay at least once. There are many interesting things about this hotel. For one, this hotel offers many activities. For instance, You can enjoy nature by rafting and camping. There are few hotels in Hokkaido where you can interact with nature.

The hotel is located on a hill. All the rooms are suites and include view jacuzzi and sauna. There are 25 restaurants in total, and there are various types of shops such as taverns and cafes. You can fully enjoy your stay both inside and outside the hotel.

This hotel is highly recommended during the winter because a town made of ice is created on the premises and you can go sightseeing there. And the most famous and popular activity is skiing. You can enjoy various courses from beginners to advanced. The snow quality is smooth and slippery. There are many sunny days.

In fact these two iconic towers were built long ago. The hotel on the right side of the main entrance was built in 1987. The hotel on the left was built in 1989. These two hotels were created with the image of the season. The image on the right hotel is summer and the image on the left hotel is winter.

There are terraces on the roofs of the two hotels. You can see the sea of clouds from the terrace. There are different types of sea of clouds that you can see. There are three seas of clouds from the Pacific Ocean, the sea of clouds from Tomamu, and the bad weather type sea of clouds. The scenery of each sea of clouds is completely different. If you are lucky you may see one.

Unfortunately, Hoshino Resorts is quite expensive. It costs more than 50,000 yen for two people just for one night, but it’s worth the price.


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