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Internet Education in Schools

(Japanese translation below)

By Ritsu Inaba

Today, the way to educate is changing dramatically around the world. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) such as computers, tablets and smartphones came to be used in education.

Internet education has some advantages. First, it helps students study more efficiently. For example, they can review their answers to questions they have already studied over and over again. If they cannot understand the content of the text, ICT can show them some pictures, movies and sounds. For instance, they can listen to sounds in English as well as watch foreign movies in English classes.

Therefore, ICT can motivate students. Thanks to ICT, students can get information about many things which they are interested in. In addition, students who don't like to stand out can tell their classmates and teachers their own opinions freely by writing on ICT. Furthermore, more students can use ITC to study more deeply.

Second, ICT is very useful. It is not difficult to manipulate ICT. Students don’t have to carry too many books and it is easy to search for something they don’t know without dictionaries by using ICT. Moreover, they can replicate some documents which they make or download from the Internet easily. ICT always preserves records of their study, so they don't need to be afraid of making mistakes. Even if students make mistakes, their teacher can help them quickly.

In addition, students can acquire skills to use electronic devices like ICT. These days, the number of people who operate ICT such as PCs and tablets correctly is increasing day by day, so it is important for students to develop skills to use ICT. For that reason, it's a great opportunity to use ICT in classes.

Third, ICT is essential for not only students, but also their teachers. Thanks to ICT, making class materials has become easier. Teachers don't have to write all of the words in textbooks down on a blackboard in their classes. They can use ICT to teach more efficiently. ICT helps them ease their burden of work. ICT always preserves records of all of the documents which they create, so they don't need to make the same class materials over and over again. Moreover, teachers can share the progress of their classes with other teachers. Also, when students ask them some questions, they can explain by using ICT.

However, Internet education also has some disadvantages. First, ICT is very expensive. In order to use ICT in education, teachers have to buy many devices. Thus, it is costly to prepare an environment that uses the Internet in education. If a student breaks a device, the teacher will have to purchase a new one or have it repaired. Teachers must also estimate the cost of purchasing or fixing in advance. They also have to buy their own devices. Also, the more students and teachers use ICT, the more the costs of electric power consumption will increase.

Second, ICT is delicate. It is easy to break devices. Many students don't know how to use ICT, so they might operate it the wrong way. Both teachers and students must learn to use it properly. In addition, some students may have trouble using ICT during their classes. Because of this, students may not be able to concentrate on studying. If teachers have to show their students how to use ICT, the students' study time might be lost. In other words, teachers might waste too much class time.

Third, ICT is a bit risky. Students might modify the system in ICT freely if they learn the structure sufficiently. For instance, they may install some applications which they like such as games, SNSs, videos and music. They may visit sites unrelated to studying. This situation is likely to affect the correct method to study.

If students abuse ICT, they might be involved in an incident. There are a lot of dangerous problems on the Internet. Students have to acquire the skill to protect themselves, but it is not easy. Therefore, it may be impossible for students to focus their attention on studying completely.

As you can see, Internet education for students has both advantages and disadvantages. ICT is essential for people who live around the world. Because of the current development, putting such ICT into the method of education is said to be groundbreaking. It is hoped that Internet education will be more useful for a lot of people as time passes. These days, the number of schools which use ICT is increasing due to the fact that classes in Japan have been restricted to prevent infection from COVID-19. At this rate, the importance of Internet education will be noticed more.


稲場 律

今日、教育の方法は世界中で劇的に変化している。コンピューター、タブレット、スマートフォンなどの情報通信技術 (ICT) が教育に活用されるようになった。


インターネット教育にはいくつかの利点がある。第一に、それは学生がより効率的に勉強するのに役立つということだ。例えば、すでに勉強した問題を何度も復習することができる。 テキストの内容を理解できない場合、ICTはいくつかの写真や映画、音声を生徒に見せることができる。例えば、英語の授業で音声を聞くこともできるし、洋画を見ることもできる。












次に、ICTは繊細であるということだ。 デバイスを壊すのは簡単だ。ほとんどの学生はICTの使い方を知らないので、間違って操作するかもしれない。生徒だけでなく、教師もきちんと活用しなければならないが、ほとんどがICT活用に対する正しい知識を得ることは難しい。









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