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Kawasaki Frontale J-League Soccer Team

(Japanese translation below)

By Chie Takeyama

J-League is the general term for Japan’s professional soccer league. There are a total of 60 teams divided into three leagues: J1 (20 teams), J2 (22 teams), and J3 (15 teams). Kawasaki Frontale is a team in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, which belongs to the J1 League, the highest league in the J-League. The organization consists of 34 players and 29 staff members for a total of 63 people.

The history of this team dates back to 1955 when it was founded as the Fujitsu Soccer Club. In 1977, the club was approved as an associate member of the J-league and joined the J-league in 1999. Frontale means “front” or “front decoration” in Italian. This expresses the frontier spirit of always taking on challenges at the forefront, and the attitude of fighting squarely from the front. The azaleas and dolphins on the team emblem and the light blue team color symbolize Kawasaki, which is an attractive coastal city open to the world.

Kawasaki Frontale boasts the most goals scored in Japan every season, and their quick attacks take advantage of their numbers, and they show their overwhelming offensive power over and over again. The appeal of Kawasaki Frontale is not only limited to football. One of their attractions is their “community-based activities” centered in Kawasaki City, the hometown of the company. Team flags are planted in front of stations and shopping streets in Kawasaki City, and Frontale’s team song is used for the departure bells at the four stations closest to the stadium. Frontale is everywhere in the city.

川崎フロンターレ Jリーグチーム

竹山 智恵


このチームの歴史は1955年に富士通サッカー部として創部されたことに遡ります。 1977年にJリーグ準加盟チームとして承認され、1999年に正式にJリーグに加盟しました。フロンターレとはイタリア語で「正面」「前飾り」を意味します。常に最前線で挑戦するフロンティアスピリットと、真正面から正々堂々戦う姿勢を表現しています。チームエンブレムのツツジとイルカとチームカラーの水色は、世界に開かれた魅力的な臨海都市である川崎を象徴しています。



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