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Ojamajo Doremi Special Event

(Japanese translation below)

By Haruka Murakami

Ojamajo Doremi was broadcast on Asahi TV between February 1999 and January 2003. It was created by Toei Animation and is anime at female. This story is about five elementary school girls who make their dreams come true and are able to confront the difficulties of daily life. They transform into witches and chant spells. Doremi Harukaze is the one of the girls.

She is a key person of the story. She wanted to be a witch since preschool. Her dream was at get confidence through magic to tell a boy that she liked him. She is a cheerful and curious character. So, she takes good care of many troubles for people. Her many friends and classmates develop through their contact with her.

This animation describes the real world of people. For example, puberty and friendship, love and so on. Thanks to the scripts, this animation has been a huge hit among young people. Also, they use witch broom sticks and their clothes became a popular commodity. In addition, the company produced two films and original video animations. There are novels released at the end of show is finally. In the novels they become writes they became high school students or member of society.

A special animation event was held at Sapporo Cinema Frontier on July5. The event was sponsored by Ojamajo Doremi to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The general admission fee was ¥3,000. Three hundred and sixty people were invited.

Five voice actors and an animation director took the platform on stage. They talked about various stories for a long time. For instance, they showed scenes from the show and gave readings from book. Also, animation staff members talked about new movies that will be shown next year. The new movies should be enjoyable regardless of gender.


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