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Sapporo Snow Festival Returns

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

(Japanese translation below)

By Fumiya Motomura

The Sapporo Snow Festival is known as Yuki Matsuri in Japan. It is a festival of snow and ice held in early February every year at multiple venues in Sapporo, including Odori Park. Large and small snow sculptures are on display, but ice sculptures are also on display, mainly at the Susukino venue. In recent years, it was held online due to the influence of COVID-19. However, it was decided that the 2023 event will be held normally for the first time in three years. Everyone was glad to hear the news. This time it will be held for 8 days from February 4th to 11th.

The Sapporo Snow Festival began in 1950 when local junior high and high school students installed six snow sculptures in Odori Park. A snowball fight, an exhibition of snow sculptures, and a carnival were all held together, attracting more than 50,000 people. Since then, it has become established among citizens as a winter event in Sapporo.

More recently, projection mapping, which has been used on the large snow sculptures at the Odori venue, has become popular. The festival also has ice sculptures, giant ice slides, snow rafting, hot street food and live events. Also, you can eat the famous food of Sapporo such as ramen, seafood, and soup curry.

The average temperature in Sapporo in February for a typical day ranges from a high of -3℃ to a low of -9℃. Some would describe it as freezing cold and breezy. A thick coat, down jacket, hat, muffler, and gloves are a must. Wear warm underwear to protect yourself from the cold. It is also recommended to purchase non-slip shoes at convenience stores. Please do go and see it if you have a chance.


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