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Shiretoko, Hokkaido

(Japanese Translation below)

By Asahi Suzuki

Hokkaido has many places rich in nature. Among them, Shiretoko is one of the most beautiful places. It is a peninsula located in eastern Hokkaido. No roads lead further than about three fourths up the peninsula. The northern tip can only be viewed by boat or be reached on multi-day trekking tours.  A lot of tourists visit there every year. 

Shiretoko was formed about 8.6 million years ago by submarine volcanic activity. Over the years, the area has continued to be developed and is now one of Hokkaido's most popular tourist attractions. Shiretoko means "the farthest land" in the Ainu language. Shiretoko was selected as a World Natural Heritage site on July 17, 2005. The area became the 13th World Heritage Site in Japan. At the time, this news was talked about by people all over Japan.

Shiretoko National Park occupies most of Shiretoko. This is one of Japan’s most beautiful and unspoiled national parks. Shiretoko has several marine and terrestrial species, which include a number of endangered and endemic species. Bears, deer, and foxes are especially abundant, and you can see many different animals just by walking around. Anyone who is not familiar with seeing wild animals will find it exciting.

You can enjoy a variety of outdoor experiences there. For example, there is trekking and sea kayaking. Trekking allows you to walk through the forest, feel nature, and view the ocean from the cliffs. As for sea kayaking, people can watch the sunset over the ocean from their kayaks. In addition, drift ice can be viewed from a ship in winter. Shiretoko National Park is a fantastic place where you can forget your daily life. You should visit there when you are feeling tired or want to refresh yourself.


鈴木 朝陽







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