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The Wonderful World of Disney

By Sachi Komuro

(Japanese translation coming soon.)

Disney is loved by everyone and is so famous and popular that there is no one in the world who doesn't know Disney. Disney continues to be a favorite of people of many ages, from children to adults. Disney has a lot of characters and a lot of stories to tell. Let's take a look at the history of Disney.

First, let's take a look at Walt Disney, the creator of Disney. Walt Disney loved painting and went to art school and he created Mickey Mouse. He created many other characters, and he and his brother founded the California Disney Company. When he went to an amusement park with his daughter, he thought, "Why is it that children have fun, but adults can't have fun with them?" He thought it would be great if children and adults could enjoy it together. So, he opened the California Disney Resort 15 years later.

In 1957, a small Disneyland was opened in Nihonbashi, Tokyo for a limited time to spread the joy of Disneyland to Japan. After that, plans to build a Disney Resort in Japan proceeded, and in 1983 the Japan Disney Resort was completed. There are now two in Japan; Disneyland and DisneySea. Many attractions have now been completed and upgraded.

Splash Mountain is the most popular attraction at Disneyland. This recreates the story of going on a boat trip. And recently, two attractions including Beauty and the Beast have been added. Among them, the Beauty and the Beast is very popular, and many people lined up from the first day of the opening. And at DisneySea, the Tower of Terror attention, which repeatedly plunges and soars, is the most popular. This is so scary that people with weak hearts can't ride it. It will be more fun if you go to Disney Resort after learning about Disney's history!


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