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Curry Leaves Celebrates 20 Years of Service

The restaurant Curry Leaves was established in 1996 and celebrated their 20th year of service in 2015. The original site of the restaurant was Minami Mon across from what is now Homac. They moved to the present site five years ago.

The restaurant’s name Curry Leaves comes from a spice tree in India. Curry Leaves is owned and managed by Hiromasa Chida and his wife Mutsumi. After graduating from Sapporo Gakuin University, Chida moved to Tokyo to pursue his dream of becoming a professional musician, but five years later he moved back to Sapporo.

After returning home, he happened to eat at a soup curry restaurant in downtown Sapporo.

He became intrigue with it and began experimenting to make his own unique recipe. This secret recipe is what he serves at his restaurant. Chida’s wife Mutsumi decorated the inside of the restaurant in a comfortable Asian style.

There are 12 items on the menu and you can adjust the level of spice as you like. This is flexible for kids, older people and those who want to limit the amount of spice. Chida recommends the chicken and vegetable curry at 950 yen. It includes big mushrooms and some vegetables which cannot be eaten in one bite. The chicken is boneless and crispy on the surface and juicy inside.

All of the ingredients are made in Shiretoko, Hokkaido and they are chosen by Chida personally. When you drink lassi (a yogurt type drink) and eat the soup curry you may feel that you are not in Sapporo, but in a city in another Asian country. It’s surprising that even though Curry Leaves is in front of Sapporo University, most of the customers are working adults—not students.

Curry Leaves is opened from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day except on Wednesdays. The restaurant can seat up to 26 people comfortably. Why don’t you try Curry Leaves? You will be completely satisfied.


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