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Sapporo Ramen Show 2016

(Japanese translation below)

When you think of Japanese food, one of the first things that comes to mind is ramen. Since 2015, ramen lovers in Sapporo have looked forward to the Sapporo Ramen Show. It’s estimated that 80, 000 servings were sold this year.

The Ramen Show was held in two parts (acts) over a two week period. Act 1 was held from May 17 to 22, and Act 2 was held from May 24 to 29.

There were a total of 14 booths from all over Japan and six booths from Hokkaido. Patrons could choose from three different kinds of ramen broth flavors – miso, shoyu (soy) and shio (salt). Professor Radcliffe’s News Seminar students went to taste and review a few of the different varieties of ramen from various cities throughout Japan.

Yusuke Utsumi: I chose Shinshunya’s “Kin No Torichuka” ramen from Yamagata. This shoyu ramen was not oily and included lots of chicken. This ramen also used Mongolian rock salt, which is why it wasn’t so oily. The combination of shoyu and shio was very tasty. In my opinion, this was the best ramen at the show. However, there was a boiled egg without the whites. I love egg whites, so I was a little surprised to find them missing. Therefore, I gave this ramen a rating of four out of five stars.

Kanae Seino: I decided to try the Chinese noodles from the Inaniwa area of Yuzawa, Akita prefecture at this year’s Ramen Show. The broth was simple and based one-hundred percent soy sauce. The noodles had a smooth and soft texture and were thin, similar to soba noodles. I think anyone would be able to eat and enjoy this ramen. The ingredients consisted of green onions, bamboo shoots, nameko mushrooms and sliced bamboo shoots. In addition, you can choose some extra toppings for 100 yen for each. I recommend adding the half-cooked egg topping because it went well with the soy broth. It was delicious.

Kotaro Kobayashi: I chose Tori Baitan ramen from Fukushima. This ramen was made by the team which was formed by famous shops in the Nakadori area of Fukushima. This ramen soup was flavored with salt and chicken broth. The toppings were roast pork, green onions and the fried chicken fat. This ramen was oily a bit because the roast pork’s oil and chicken oil were floating together on the soup. However, it was easy to eat because the soup was not so salty and the noodles were thin and short, so I ate it without getting tired of the taste. Also, the roast pork was tender and it had a delicious smell. I give this ramen a rating of two out of five stars because the toppings looked smaller in person than in the photo and I wish the soup was more salty.

Yusuke Utsumi: I went to Sapporo Ramen Show, and ate Kin no Torichuka. This is ramen from Shinshunya which is located in Yamagata. It is used a lot of chicken, but this ramen was not oily. This is shoyu ramen, but it also contains Mongolian rock salt, so it didn’t taste oily. I think that I chose the best combination of shoyu and shio ramen. However, I was shocked by the egg because there was no egg white. I give this ramen four out of five stars. The shio and shoyu ramen combination is good, but I love the white part of the egg, so I was surprised and shocked. Therefore, I give this ramen four stars.







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