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SU students visit Huizhou, China

(Japanese translation below)

From March 3 to 17 of this year a group of Sapporo University students lead by Vice-President Seiki Takimoto visited Huizhou University, China to learn about Chinese language and culture, and the students and Vice-President Takimoto taught about Japan and Japanese culture.

Huizhou is located in the southeast province of Guangdong. It’s famous for Huizhou West Lake and the Lantern Festival from the end of December to the beginning of March. Huizhou University has a student population of 17,000 and it consists of 16 departments such as Faculty of Foreign Studies, Computer Science, Model training and so on. It has a huge campus and it has the largest swimming pool in China.

This is the fifth time for this training abroad program. The first time there were sixteen students, the second time there were ten students, and the third and fourth times there were nine students. This year there were four students. Our first day we flew from Shin-Chitose Airport to Haneda Airport, then on to Hong Kong International Airport. From there we took a bus and finally arrived Huizhou. That same afternoon we took part in the opening ceremony and then had a meal together.

The next day we went to a factory tour in TCL, an electronic equipment manufacturer. Its head office is in Huizhou. We looked at the latest televisions, smartphones and washing machines and we learned about the history of TCL televisions. From the third day we learned Chinese language, dumpling making, calligraphy, Chinese knotting (traditional crafts using string), the art of Chinese paper cutting, Guqin (a traditional Chinese instrument) and about Chinese tea.

In Chinese language class we learned pronunciation, greetings, self-introductions and common everyday expressions. In dumpling making we learned how to wrap dumplings and then we made pan-fried dumplings and boiled dumplings. We also taught about the history of Hokkaido, Japanese companies, Japanese pronunciation and how to use business Japanese and casual Japanese. The Chinese students enjoyed it. Vice-President Takimoto taught Japanese martial arts to the Chinese students.

The last day we took part in the closing ceremony and we showed everyone what we learned, such as playing Guqin, poetry reading in Chinese and Chinese paper cutting. At the end of the ceremony we received graduation certificates.

On this training trip to China we learned many things. One surprising thing was you can’t flush toilet paper because Chinese toilet paper doesn’t dissolve well. The next training abroad program is March 2 to 17. If you are interested in this training program, please join!


松田 華恋








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