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Autumn Leaves in Hokkaido

(Japanese translation below)

You can enjoy the autumn leaves in Hokkaido because of the grand scale and nice rich nature. Leaves begin changing color from early October in Hokkaido. One famous site for viewing autumn leaves in Jozankei hot spring. The beautiful autumn leaves spread out throughout the hot spring town. You can enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves and the hot spring. How nice! The middle of October is the best season for viewing there.

The most popular place in Hokkaido for Cherry blossom viewing is Maruyama Park, but it’s also famous for autumn leaves. It’s about a 5 minute walk from Maruyama Station. The Hokkaido Shrine is also located in Maruyama Park, so many people worship at the shrine after viewing the autumn leaves.

From mid to late October is the best time to see autumn leaves in the Maruyama Park. Many people go there every year and they take a lot of pictures. Not only tourists, but local people also enjoy going to this park. People might even be able to see wild Hokkaido squirrels. Maruyama Zoo is near Maruyama Park and there are many delicious restaurants near Maruyama. The Maruyama area is very entertaining.

Odori Park is also a famous autumn leaves sightseeing spot. Many people always visit this park.The Sapporo TV Tower is a symbol of Odori Park and it is lit up at night. Odori Park is a famed tourist spot. Visitors take pictures of Sapporo TV Tower and autumn leaves. Besides the autumn leaves, there are many flowers blooming in the park. Various events are held there throughout the year, so it’s enjoyable in every season.

The four seasons are very distinct in Japan, so people can enjoy the view of each season. When trees change color in autumn we can enjoy the spectacular scenery. The autumn in Hokkaido is considerably cool, so you should wear warm clothing while taking a walk to view the autumn leaves.


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