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Sapporo Factory Christmas tree lighting ceremony

(Japanese translation below)

On November 3, a lighting ceremony for the Christmas tree was held at Sapporo Factory. Sapporo Factory exhibits a huge Christmas tree and holds a lighting ceremony every year. This year’s lighting ceremony was held at 5 p.m.

About 5,500 people came to the lighting ceremony this year and filled the entire hall. The tree was lit by children chosen by the public, and when they pressed the switch, about 40,000 lights decorated on a 14 meter high Christmas tree were lit. This tree is a red pine donated from Hiroo Santa Land in the Town of Hiroo.

After the lighting ceremony, a live performance and a talk show was held. The live performance and talk show were held to support the reconstruction of the September 5 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake. The group Doberman Infinity also gave a live performance. One of the five members of the group is from Sapporo and he told a story of when he lived in Sapporo.

The Christmas tree is lit from November 3rd to December 25th. Music and light show times are held from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. every hour for about five minutes every day. There is also a jumbo Santa Claus about three meters tall that runs up the chimney in the chimney square.

Many people come to the lighting ceremony every year, but this year it was very crowded because of the guest’s live performances and talk shows.

The Atrium is not only illuminated with trees and you can enjoy the illumination while eating. In addition, the entrance of the adjacent brick building is also illuminated, so you can enjoy the illumination from the entrance. Of course you can also enjoy shopping there. How about spending your next Christmas Day at Sapporo Factory gazing at the illumination at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony?

ジャンボクリスマスツリー点灯式 in札幌ファクトリー

菊田 侑里




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