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Spade & Ryu Graduation Dance Party 2019

(Japanese translation below)

A graduation dance party was held in Space Art Studio in Susukino on March 13, 2019 by SPADE and Ryu (流). SPADE is Sapporo University’s dance club and Ryu is Hokusei Gakuen University’s dance club.

This was the first time for this party to be held. More than 30 dance teams participated in this party. The party venue opened at 2:00 p.m. and started at 2:30 p.m.

The performance fee was ¥1,500 and tickets were ¥1,000. The party was divided into three parts in all and there were also three break times. During the break time a DJ played music and everyone enjoyed it. In Part 1, six teams appeared on the stage followed by a break. In Part 2, nine teams appeared on the stage and then there was a second break. For the last part, there were nine teams and a guest performance.

Instructor Seiya Miyatsu (SE-YA) from Sapporo University gave a guest performance and later participated in the showcase with the students who graduated. The showcase was very impressive. The choreography at that time was same the choreography when they belonged to SPADE. This graduation dance party was a great event for everyone who came. The dance club is recommend to any student who is interested in dance.


土本 渉悟

札幌大学のダンスクラブである「SPADE」と、北西学園大学のダンスクラブ「流」が、2019年3月13日にSpace Art Studioで合同の卒業パーティーを開催しました。このパーティーは「SPADE」と「流」のために初めて開催されたもので、両大学から合計30チーム以上のダンスチームが出演しました。




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