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The World of Shogi

(Japanese Translation below)

It is believed that Shogi originated in Chatranga, India. However, no one knows when Shogi came to Japan. In Shogi, the players battle one on one, aiming to capture their opponent’s King.

They have the same 20 pieces: one king, one rook, one bishop, two gold generals, two silver generals, two knights, two lances, and nine pawns. The abilities of the pieces are different and players are given a limited time to move their pieces in turns.

The Appearance of AI

It is said that the development of computer Shogi began around 1970 and the first computer to be able to play the game was around that time. In those days, half of the professional players said that in the near future AI would win. From 2012 to 2017 there were six tournaments called Denosen where the top players went against computers in the final match. However, the top players were defeated five out of six times.

About The Industry

There are eight different titles in Shogi and professional players try to win the tournament and the prize money, which can be up to ¥42 million. Besides professional male players, there are also a limited number of female professional players and six different titles for women. There are strong and famous professional players such as Yoshiharu Habu and Amahiko Sato. They are often featured on TV shows.


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