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Farewell Hokkaido Gekidanshiki

(Japanese Translation Below)

The Hokkaido Gekidanshiki Theater was built in 1991 in Sapporo dating back to the stage production of Cats. This was the first privately operated theater in Sapporo and the start of the development of Gekidanshiki throughout Japan.

However, they closed the theater after the redevelopment of Sapporo Station in 1991. They staged 20 plays with over 1 million in attendance when they closed. A dedicated theater was built again in 2011.

However, that theater is now scheduled to close in March of 2020. The land where the theater is located is owned by the Takenaka Corporation and the contract has been terminated. The original contract was for five years until 2016 and was extended twice.

The musical for the final performance is the famous Little Mermaid. The powerful acting and the beautiful singing was overwhelming. Even when the curtain came down the applause did not stop. It was very impressive. The Hokkaido Gekidanshiki will remain in the hearts of fans for a lifetime.







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