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Current Trendy Pets

By Sachi Komuro

(Japanese translation coming soon.)

Pets always give us a good feeling, so there are many pet owners all over the world. While there are many people who keep dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and many other animals, the number of people who keep strange animals is increasing recently. Here are some examples of popular pets these days.

While fluffy and lovely-looking animals are usually preferred, it's surprising to find that reptiles such as snakes and lizards and animals such as mini pigs and meerkats are becoming popular as pets these days.

There are many kinds of reptiles, but the most popular are lizards. Lizards eat live bugs, insects, and other disgusting things, so they are not suitable for people who don't like bugs. But for those who do, lizards that only need to be fed with a tube of food are becoming more popular. In addition, pigs are usually seen only at farms and zoos, but recently small breeds of pigs with temperaments suitable for keeping in homes have been created.

These special animals are also popular, but of course dogs and cats are just as popular as ever. Recently, large dogs such as the Bernese Mountain Dog and even the Pit bull have become popular. As is the case with other dogs, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a friendly and gentle breed and is very cute.

As you can see, there are many cute, mysterious and rare animals in the world, and keeping them as pets is one of the most popular things to do. On the other hand, even if you keep a rare animal, there are always problems, such as not being able to find a veterinary hospital to take care of it when it gets sick or injured, or not being able to take care of it anymore because it has grown bigger than expected.

Also, nowadays, more and more people are buying pets because of the influence of the coronavirus and feeling lonely. However, If you keep an animal with that temporary feeling, when you get tired of it. Animals that are in this situation are either abandoned or put to sleep.

Different types of pets are popular in different eras. Some people get rid of their pets for selfish reasons. This should never happen, and if you are going to keep a pet, you should take responsibility for it and see it through to the end of its life, which is how it really should be. Please reconsider the situation so that no more animals will be sacrificed in the future.


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