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Enjoy a Meal with Goro

By Hikari Tanaka

(Japanese translation below.)

It’s been a long time since the whole world faced a crisis like COVID-19 and people started staying at home, which must be so hard and boring to do. But most people have been finding their own hobbies that can be done at home so that they can kill time.

The hobbies are various and creative like cooking, exercising, or watching YouTube, just to name a few. However, since most people know how to do those things, they may be getting bored and looking for something new, interesting and innovative right now. This might be a good opportunity to discover a new way of enjoying your time at home.

So first of all, almost all of you might be asking yourself, “Who is Goro?” Actually, he is the main character of a Japanese managa and drama series called Kodoku no Gourmet, which means Solitary Gourmet in English and is available on Netflix. The managa was originally created by Masayuki Kusumi and is drawn by Jiro Taniguchi.

It has been very popular not only in Japan, but also overseas in countries like China, Italy and so on. Furthermore, the drama series of the same name has reached season 8 since it started being broadcasted in 2012. So, perhaps some of you may know of this work from the drama series.

The main character, Goro Inogashira, is a private trader selling reimported merchandise. He is really loving to live a life of proud independence and freedom. So, you can see him going somewhere by himself in order to eat something he wants to eat at that moment in each story. Though there are scenes where he talks with other people like other customers and servers, the story basically develops with Goro’s inner voice, which is a characteristic part of the drama.

Since the main part of the story are scenes where he is eating, a must-see part is definitely his expressions and unique reviews. That’s because every time he eats something, he is very expressive about his feelings. For example, he says something like, “Whoan! I’m like a human-thermal power station!” in his mind to express his overflowing emotion while he is eating Yakiniku, which is grilled meat.

Of course, there are a lot of scenes where he uses rhetorical and funny words and jokes, so you should check them out by yourself! If you choose the drama version, it would be a better way to enjoy the story than the manga version because you can feel Goro’s feelings so realistically through the actor’s performance. Moreover, since each episode is a different story, you don’t need to remember the previous episode like in a serial TV show. Goro will make you hungry and your mouth will water!


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