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(Japanese translation below)

By Kizuku Kunita

In March, a one-of-a-kind ballpark was built in Kitahiroshima, and has become a symbol of Hokkaido. The Nippon Ham Fighters played at Sapporo Dome for many years but moved to ES CON FIELD because of the Dome's high usage fee and the environmental problems.

One example of an environmental problem is that Sapporo Dome’s field is made of artificial turf, which is very hard because it’s spread out over concrete, and there is a high risk of knee injuries for athletes.

In addition, the foul area is too wide, and the walking distance from the benches to the home plate is twice as far as other stadiums, making it a very bad environment for a baseball game. The team requested Sapporo Dome to improve the environment, but nothing changed. For the above reasons, the Fighters thought that it would be better for both the team and the players to own and operate a stadium rather than paying to use Sapporo Dome.

The new home of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters has a retractable roof. The spectator area extends from the sunken field on the 2nd basement floor to the 4th floor above ground with a capacity of 35,000. It forms part of Hokkaido Ball Park F Village, which includes the stadium, as well as accommodation facilities, commercial facilities, restaurants, condominiums, a sauna and a spa.

In addition, there are two field-level seats on the first and third base sides where you can see the players up close. In addition to the immersive spectator experience, there is also a buffet-style restaurant where you can enjoy gourmet dishes that are a little different from what’s available in the concourse.

On both wings of ES CON FIELD, two large LED screens measuring approximately 86m wide and 16m high were installed. When the two are combined, they become the world’s largest LED screen displaying high-brightness and high-resolution images linked to the content of the game, enabling dynamic and powerful performances that shake the hearts of spectators, creating a never-before-seen spectacle. It provides an impressive viewing experience.

The ballpark is the first new baseball stadium of the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization (NPB) since the MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium in Hiroshima, which opened in 2009 as the home of the Hiroshima Toyo Carp.

This is the second baseball stadium in NPB history with a retractable roof since the Fukuoka Dome opened in 1993, and the first indoor natural grass stadium in Japan. The wall in the outfield is made entirely of glass to let in natural light and contribute to the growth of the natural turf. It also features a triangular roof designed with the motif of a traditional Hokkaido house.

You can get to the ballpark by shuttle bus, by car or on foot. At the time of opening, Kitahiroshima Station on the JR Hokkaido Chitose Line will be the closest station to the stadium, which is about a 20-minute walk. In 2028, JR Hokkaido's new “Hokkaido Ballpark Station,” which is directly connected to the facility, will open.

As of April 2023, in addition to shuttle buses to the aforementioned JR Kita-Hiroshima Station, there are 4 routes that will depart from and arrive at Shin-Sapporo Station, Nopporo Station, and New Chitose Airport. Of these, 3 routes, excluding Nopporo Station, can be used even on days when there are no professional baseball games or events.

Thus, ES CON FIELD has many attractions and features, and there are facilities that can be enjoyed all year round. The stadium is where you can have an unprecedented experience. It is highly recommended to go there at least once if you visit the area.

ES Con Field

國田 基創




北海道日本ハムファイターズの新本拠地は、開閉式屋根を有し、地下2階の掘り込み式フィールドから地上4階まで観客エリアがあり、収容能力は35,000人で席数は約30,000席です。スタジアムを含めた北海道ボールパークFビレッジ(ほっかいどうボールパーク エフビレッジ)の一部を成し、球場だけでなく宿泊施設・商業施設・レストラン・マンション・サウナやスパなどが建設される予定となっています。


ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDOの両翼に、幅約86m×高さ約16mの大型LEDビジョンを2面設置されています。2面合わせて世界最大級となるLEDビジョンは、試合内容に連動した高輝度・高解像度の映像を表示することで、観客の心を震わせるダイナミックで迫力ある演出を可能とし、今までにない臨場感あふれる観戦体験を実現してします。

日本野球機構(NPB)加盟12球団の本拠地では、広島東洋カープの本拠地として2009年に開業したMAZDA Zoom-Zoom スタジアム広島(広島市)以来の新球場となります。




このように、ES CON FIELDには様々な魅力や特徴が多くある事や通年で楽しめる施設もあり、これまでにない観戦体験をできる球場できます。この地域を訪れた時は、一度球場に行ってみることを強くおすすめします。


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