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Filming Locations of First Love Hatsukoi

(Japanese translation below)

By Himari Satou

First Love Hatsukoi, which is a Netflix series drama, was written and directed by Yuri Kantake based on two classic songs titled “First Love” and “Hatsukoi” sung by Hikaru Utada. In December 1997, Yae and Harumichi met for the first time, then they fell in love with each other. Their romance began from the first time they met up to 2018. It is a painful and beautiful story, and the winter scenery of Hokkaido and the clothes of the characters are also very beautiful. The soap opera is also shot in Tokyo, Aichi and Tochigi, but most of it is shot in Hokkaido.

At the beginning of the first episode, the Asahikawa Tokiwa Rotary is shown with the title. The rotary is the largest in Japan and is called a devil’s rotary because it is hard to enter the rotary and go out the way you want to go. Yae also almost caused an accident in the rotary. However, the illuminated rotary taken from above is very beautiful and fantastic.

In this TV drama, some foods, as well as beautiful places, captured people’s imagination. Harumichi’s favorite food is Napolitan spaghetti, so Yae makes it for him and tells him about a good restaurant. The restaurant is Seiyoken in Chitose. She visited the restaurant twice. The first time she went there she enjoyed herself, but next time she cried and ate it alone. Actually, you can’t eat Napolitan spaghetti there because it is not on the menu, but it’s worth going.

There is one more impressive food in this drama. It is grilled shrimp that Otaro, Yae’s colleague, ate with her. The name of the izakaya is Robata-yaki Utari, and it is in Susukino, which is in Sapporo. At Robata-yaki izakaya, the staff grills seafood or vegetables over charcoal fire in front of guests and hands it to them. Robata-yaki Utari is the oldest Robata-yaki restaurant in Sapporo, so you can feel old-style Japanese food culture.

In Yubari, there is a lilac tree that Yae loves. The tree is in Heidi Farm. Yae and Harumichi buried a time capsule under the tree after they graduated from high school, and they promised to dig it out in ten years. The tree was planted for filming the drama, but it is still there. If you want to go there, it is best to go from May to June while the lilacs are in bloom.

As you can see, there are a lot of attractive things in the drama, not only the locations, but also the foods and clothes. Most importantly, it is a great story, so if you have a Netflix subscription, please watch this drama. Then, please enjoy visiting the locations of the drama.

「First Love 初恋」のロケ地


Netflixシリーズの1つであるドラマ「First love 初恋」は、寒竹ゆりが歌手 宇多田ヒカルの曲である「First love」と「初恋」からインスピレーションを受け、脚本と監督を務めた作品です。1997年、也英と晴道は出逢い、その後お互いに恋に落ちます。ドラマ内では、2018年までの彼らの恋愛模様が書かれています。この作品は辛く、そして美しいストーリーで、北海道の冬の風景や登場人物のファッションもとても美しいです。このドラマは東京や愛知、栃木でも撮影されましたが、そのほとんどが北海道で撮影されました。



この作品の中にはもう1つ印象的な料理が登場します。それは也英の同僚である旺太郎が、也英と一緒に食べる焼いたエビです。それが食べられるお店は、札幌のすすきのにある炉ばた焼き ウタリというお店です。炉端焼き屋では、店員さんがお客さんの目の前で海産物や野菜などを焼き、それを提供します。炉ばた焼き ウタリは札幌にある炉端焼き屋の中で一番歴史があります。そのため、古き日本の食文化を感じることができるでしょう。




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