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Japanese Soccer Star Kaoru Mitoma

(Japanese translation below)

By Asahi Suzuki

There are a lot of football fans around the world. Most people would say the Premier League if asked which is the best football league in the world. The Premier League is an English league. Until a few years ago, Japanese players couldn't achieve good results. However, Japanese player Kaoru Mitoma is making a big impact.

He was born on May 20, 1997. He started playing soccer in elementary school because of his older brother's influence. In 2020, his career began in Kawasaki Frontale of the J-League. He gave outstanding performances and was named to the best eleven. In 2021, he attracted worldwide attention and moved to Royale Union Saint-Gilloise in Belgium.

He achieved good results there, and in 2022 he moved to Brighton in the Premier League.

As previously stated, the Premier League is the best football league in the world, so people didn't expect him to get results right away. However, they were wrong. He was highly regarded in the Premier League. Everyone was attracted to his play. Some soccer fans say Brighton is one of the most exciting clubs. The best thing about this team is its offense. It’s ranked 12th of the best clubs in Europe by an international website.

His best feature is his dribbling ability. His dribbling is fast and unpredictable, so it is not easy to stop him, even for the top players. The trust he has from the team is deep. One of his teammates said, “He is like a joke” when asked about him. In addition, he received praise from Brighton’s media. They said that Mitoma has become one of the league's most exciting, and decisive players.

He scored seven goals, and he broke the record for the most goals in a season by a Japanese player. However, the head coach of his team said he could probably score more and that he would like him to score at least 15 goals next season. “He has that quality and potential,” he said.


鈴木 朝陽








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