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Japanese Streamer SHAKA

(Japanese translation below)

By Yuga Dobashi

SHAKA is a former professional gamer and streamer from Iizuka city, Fukuoka Prefecture. He has one million followers on Twitch, and about 750,000 subscribers on YouTube. He played the games “Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA),” “Overwatch” in “AVA International Championship (AIC)” and “JCG Overwatch Master 2016-2017 Winter Finals” from 2011 to 2017. After that, he started streaming on Twitch and left the game company to focus on streaming.

On the evening of June 7, 2020, while playing a match of “Apex Legends” when streaming on Twitch, he suddenly fainted. An MRI scan performed later revealed that he wasn’t seriously ill. A video clip of him fainting during the stream has been viewed more than 1.8 million times and became a hot topic with articles on SNS and the international media.

In one of Shaka's famous episodes where he had learned to light a ping pong ball on fire, it burns instantly. He then burned the ball in the table tennis club room with the entire ball basket and set it on fire.

Another time he learned about spray flaming. He took a girl’s hair spray from the girls’ volleyball club room and sprayed it on a cardboard box gleefully. The box ignited and burst into flames. Fire trucks were dispatched, and the police investigated it, but the culprit was never identified.

He has participated in many events and competitions and besides FPS, he recently took part in a “Street Fighter Ⅵ” competition. Whatever he does, he has so many viewers that the games he streams are so influential that they temporarily go viral. There are many clippings but the video “SHAKA looking at Altyu-kalakala” is highly recommended. The video itself is funny, but his laughter and commentary make it even funnier.

SHAKA is also known for his long hours of streaming. He streams 400 hours a month at most. In this case, he was streaming about 13 hours every day. In this way, he talks about these episodes and trivia in his stream. He also watches videos, clips, and various information together with his viewers. SHAKA’s streams will continue to provide us with many interesting and enjoyable scenes.

日本の配信者 SHAKA

土橋 優雅

SHAKAは福岡県飯塚市出身の元プロゲーマーで配信者です。Twitchのフォロワー数は100万人、YouTubeの登録者数は約75万人います。2011年から2017年までAlliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)、AVA International Championship (AIC)、JCG Overwatch Master 2016-2017 Winter FinalsにてOverwatchをプレイ。その後、Twitchでの配信を開始し配信に専念するためゲーム会社を退社しました。

2020年6月7日の夜、Twitchで配信中のApex Legendsでの試合中に突然失神。MRI検査の結果、重病ではありませんでした。配信中に失神したクリップは180万回以上再生され、SNSや海外メディアでも取り上げられ話題になりました。







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