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Manchester United

(Japanese Translation below)

By Sou Igarashi

The Premier League is a division of professional soccer in England. The Manchester United team uniform is red and is located in Manchester, England. The history of this team dates back to 1878 when it was founded as Newton Heath LYR FC by railway workers from Manchester. For the first few years, the club played few official games, but in 1885 it became a professional soccer club. 

In 1902, the team’s name was changed to Manchester United. The team emblem features the team’s nickname “Red Devil,” and above it a sailing ship, which comes from the fact that it was a trading city. The strength of Manchester United, which ranks high in the Premier League every season, lies in the fact that the world’s top-class players are willing to work hard on offense and defense.

This is largely due to the encouragement of fans who like this type of play. Furthermore, quick counterattacks from defense are also one of this team’s attractive points. Their high-speed counterattacks are the best in the world and excite the fans. 

Manchester’s rival team is Manchester City. When the two have a match, it is called the Manchester Derby, and it is a game that attracts attention from all over the world every year. However, in recent years they have lost the championship to Manchester City, so it is hoped that Manchester United will win the title this year. So far, they have not been able to break into championship contention.


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