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New Chitose Airport

(Japanese translation below)

By Yuji Hashiba

There is a place where many tourists who visit Hokkaido get an impulse to stay longer than they had anticipated. The place is New Chitose Airport, which is located between Chitose and Tomakomai and is called the gateway to Hokkaido. Most people think of an airport as just a stopover and there is no need to stay long. Rather, they imagine staying longer there means delays or missing a flight. New Chitose Airport is an airport that goes against this thinking. When you learn about the many attractions of this airport, you will absolutely want to go.

First of all, about the food. Hokkaido is famous for its fresh seafood, dairy products, miso ramen and soup curry. There is a place called Gourmet World on the third floor of the airport. Gourmet World is divided into three main areas.

The first is a restaurant arcade designed to replicate a street with tram tracks. You can find a row of traditional Japanese style food stalls there and you can enjoy eating at an Izakaya, a sushi restaurant, a soup curry shop, and so on. This area is popular with both domestic and international visitors.

The second area is the food court, but it is not just any food court. What makes this place special is the view of the airplanes. Since this space faces an observation area, you can eat while watching the planes take off and land. It is a very popular place for both adults and children to enjoy.

The last area is called Shopping World. There, you can buy souvenirs from Hokkaido’s leading confectionery stores like Royce, LeTAO, and Ryugetsu. When it comes to Royce, its chocolate factory is in this area, so customers can observe the work process through glass windows. You also have to check out the many souvenirs only available in New Chitose Airport. With so many restaurants and shops, you must be hesitant about what to eat and buy.

The second attraction of this airport is its entertainment venues. One of these features is the variety of ways to spend time, not only dining and shopping. There are many facilities that are rarely found in other airports, such as hot springs, movie theaters, and museums. In particular, this airport is the first in Japan to have a hot spring and a movie theater. Thanks to these facilities, travelers can heal their tired body.

As for the museum, it’s divided into two sections, the Airport History Museum, which focuses on the history of airplanes and New Chitose Airport, and the Sky Museum, which has a hand-on facility about the airport. In the former, you can literally learn about the history of New Chitose Airport from beginning to present.

In addition to that, you can also see miniature models of airplanes and the uniforms of cabin attendants from past generations. In the latter, you can take a picture wearing the uniforms of pilots and cabin attendants and touch real tires. There is also a simulator there where kids can experience piloting, so they will be fascinated. This is a great spot for people who love airplanes.

The attractions of New Chitose Airport described in this article are only part of the story. So, by all means, when you visit Hokkaido, try to experience as many things at New Chitose Airport as you can.


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