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Red Bull Dance Your Style Japan 2021 North Tournament

By Misaki Furumura

(Japanese translation coming soon.)

On May 8th, a dance battle called Red Bull Dance Your Style Japan 2021 North Tournament was held at Sapporo Station South Square. This was a gathering of 16 invited dancers. They had a dance battle using hit songs. The winners were decided by the votes of the guests at the venue.

Winners and runners-up will participate in the Japan Final Fukuoka Tournament on July 17th. And the winner of the Japan Final will be able to participate in the final tournament of the World Final in South Africa as the representative of Japan. However, unfortunately, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, tournaments other than the Sapporo tournament were canceled. Because the East, West, and South qualifiers were not held, Red Bull judges decided on 14 dancers from those areas to invite to the Japan tournament based on their achievements so far.

At the Sapporo tournament, the event began at 3:00 p.m., and a powerful battle was fought by 16 dancers representing Hokkaido and Tohoku. Most of the participants were in their teens to 20s, and 20 percent were in their 40s, with dancers of all ages participating. DJs chose the music and the dancers improvised accordingly.

The DJ played songs from famous artists such as Daftpunk, Bruno Mars, Beyonce and Rihanna, and Japanese artists such as DA PUMP, Vaundy and Suchmos. The venue was very lively because it was easy to understand the songs that everyone knew. And there were many dancers and general customers who came to watch the dance battle to cheer on their favorite dancers.

These hot battle scenes are featured on Instagram@redbulldance. Red Bull hosts many dance events and is committed to supporting many dancers. And Red Bull BC One, the most famous dance event sponsored by Red Bull, is a world breakdance competition that has been held since 2004 and decides the world's strongest solo B-Boy (male break-dancer) and B-Girl (female break -dancer) one on one contests. There are great expectations for the relationship between Red Bull and dance in the future. Check it out!


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