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The History of Fighters Baseball Team

(Japanese translation below)

By Yuki Tsuda

ES CON Field

The Nippon Ham Fighters have been making headlines with their move to a new stadium. Under Manager Shinjo the team is aiming for the league championship. The baseball team was founded on November 6, 1945, by Saburo Yokozawa, and it was named the Senators.

It joined the reestablished Japan Baseball Federation and participated in the league competition as a new team, alongside the Gold Stars. Due to financial difficulties caused by insufficient funding, the baseball team, which was established by Mr. Yokozawa personally, had to abandon its management after just one season.

On December 18, 1946, the team was sold to the Tokyo Kyuko Electric Railway for 350,000 yen. The team was named the Tokyu Flyers after the sale. In 1949, the team joined the Pacific League as a result of the two-league split during the offseason.

In September 1953, the team completed their own Komazawa Baseball stadium in Setagaya Ward along the Tokyu train line and relocated from Korakuen Stadium. In 1959, Isao Harimoto joined the team. He won the Rookie of the Year award, and the team achieved its first-ever A-Class ranking.

Sapporo Dome

The ownership of the team was sold to the Nippon Ham Fighters in November 1973. To increase the number of spectators, the team relocated its home base in 2003 to the city of Sapporo where there had never been a professional baseball team. In 2006, the Nippon Ham Fighters achieved their first league championship since 1981, marking 25 years since their relocation to Hokkaido.

The Nippon Ham Fighters achieved their first consecutive league championship in franchise history in 2007. In 2016, the Nippon Ham Fighters clinched their third Japan Series championship in 10 years since their last victory in 2006.

In 2022, former player and Nippon Ham Fighters’ alumnus Tsuyoshi Shinjo became the team`s manager, marking his return to the organization after his retirement. This appointment also makes him the first former player of the team to become the manager in franchise history.

In 2023, the Nippon Ham Fighters relocated from their previous home stadium, Sapporo Dome, to the newly constructed ES CON FIELD.


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