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What’s Your Blood Type?

(Japanese Translation below)

By Ayumi Takahashi

Blood type is decided by the type of antigens called agglutinogen on the surface of red blood cells. Red blood cells are blood cells that carry oxygen, and antigens are substances that trigger an immune response that can be expelled from the body by antibodies. There are four types: A, B, O and AB, and each has a specific antibody. 

The first ABO blood type was discovered by Landsteiner in Austria in 1901. After that, blood types other than the ABO blood type have been discovered. ABO blood type is decided by the blood type of the parents. The blood type of the parents limits the possible blood type of the child born. In rare cases, a bone marrow transplant can change the blood type.

Knowing the type of blood type is mainly useful for blood transfusions. Without transfusions of blood of the same blood type, there is a risk of death. In Japan, 38 percent of the population are type A, 31 percent are type O, 22 percent are type B, and 9 percent are type AB. 

In Japan, blood types are used for things such as personality and love life. There is also a very interesting blood type compatibility test. It is said that there is no scientific basis for it, and it’s really only believed in Japan. But there are differences in their characteristics, so it can’t be said that blood type and personality have nothing to do with each other.

Here are the top three blood type compatibility rankings. The third is type A and type A. It is said that similar types go well together. The second is type B and type O. Type O can understand type B, so they are a good match. In first place is type A and type O. It is said that type A, who is generally said to be methodical, and type O, who has a generous personality, complement each other. 

There are many other combinations available. However, you shouldn't judge someone’s personality based on their blood type, but instead use it as an opportunity to become friends.


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